Thanksgiving Books

What is Thanksgiving? Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is the time kids can learn about American history while enjoying the holiday. Reading some Thanksgiving books can be some great thanksgiving activities for kids.

After we have done the research, we found out that ” Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember (Family Life Books) ” and ” The Night Before Thanksgiving” are two wonderful choices for you and your kids. The two books received the most five star reviews on Amazon.

Thanksgiving: A Time to Remember (Family Life Books)

This story of the Pilgrims’ faithfulness and biblical thankfulness is accompanied by a CD of songs of worship and praise that will call your hearts to gratitude. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enrich your family’s awareness of our nation’s Christian heritage, provide models of courage and sacrifice for your children, and establish a tradition of sharing your gratefulness with one another, which will build a legacy of memories for the future.

A great book to share with your family at Thanksgiving
This book is well written with great facts about the pilgrims’ journey and experiences once they reached America. It also includes passages from the Pilgrims’ journals and letters, which makes it personal. A great book to share at Thanksgiving.

Reviving a Legacy
What a treasure is Thanksgiving, A Time To Remember! The artwork is beautiful, and the uplifting, reverent music arranged by Keith Lynch and Allan Mesko is refreshing. We have long overlooked the enduring legacy of freedom we have received as Americans. I am grateful to learn new details of the heritage we have in the land of the free and the brave. Barbara Rainey has written a beautiful keepsake book recalling the history of this great and mighty land. God has been good to us, and He faithfully led brave men and women to establish this nation, where we who remember can continue to thank our Lord. I did note that the Fourth Commandment is correctly noted on page 30, not the Ninth, as a reviewer had mentioned. Every home needs this book!

The Night Before Thanksgiving

The Night Before Thanksgiving is a warm, whimsical celebration of everyone’s favorite fun-filled, family-filled, food-filled holiday! Follow along as the feast is prepared, cousins are greeted, and thanks are given, all with an extra helping of holiday fun.

What a fun book! This story combines the hectic pace of preparation with all the familiar elements of the big day. From cooking to relatives to football to the parades, my 6 year old delights in the families preparations.

The story promotes togetherness as family and includes a pause to give thanks for what they have.

The illustrations are colorful and a delight to our youngsters eyes.

Excitement of Thanksgiving
his is a lovely, classic Thanksgiving book to read with your kids while counting down the days to this “fun & food- filled” national holiday. Through the very humorous verses that rhyme on every page, our family warms up the old memories about THE NIGHT BEFORE THANKSGIVING when we baked pie, watched parade, set the table for the feast, prepared the food and the kids’ crafts and waited anxiously for the guests to arrive. Like the book depicted, it was a day full of hectic activities and sometimes mishaps did happen but it would be resolved when the prayer is said and all of the happenings become yet another year of thankful celebrations.

Great books to read to your kids for the holidays!
My kids love these books! We got the Night Before Halloween and The Night before the Night before Christmas! The boys love the story and its funny and easy for them to follow, and the illustrations are hysterical for them to look at! I have a 3 year old and a 2 year old and during November we read this book every night till the big day and the same for the Halloween one and the Christmas one…I enjoy these books myself I find myself laughing out loud when I read them to the boys!

Great books for learning about Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Puzzles

It’s that time of year when families get together and celebrate the plentiful harvest. Thanksgiving puzzles make a wonderful learning game by encouraging analytical, abstract, and problem solving skills. They can also help kids develop eye-hand coordination and spatial awareness.

For some Thanksgiving Day fun, enjoy these Thanksgiving puzzles with your kids!

Keith Brown Hometown Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzle 1000pc

The Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Puzzle

Thanksgiving Puzzles are great Thanksgiving activities for kids and for families.

Christmas Puzzles for Kids

Happy holidays! We’ve done some research and made a collection of great Christmas Puzzles for Kids. These Christmas Puzzles received the most 5 star reviews at Amazon. Hope these wonderful Christmas Puzzles for Kids can entertain your kids and your whole family. Enjoy the Christmas puzzles of varying difficulty.

Charlie Brown Christmas Carols Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a great Jigsaw Puzzle . My daughter loves Charlie Brown and puzzles. She Loves it and put it together quickly. Pieces fit together very nicely and seem to be very durable. It is an early wonderful gift for Christmas.

Moonlight Santa (60 Piece Kids Puzzle)

This is a high-quality Cobble Hill puzzle made in the USA with the finest inks, premium grade blue board, linen wrap, and the most endearing images. A pure delight for all ages!

Charlie Brown The Littlest Christmas Tree Jigsaw Puzzle

Charlie Brown The Littlest Christmas Tree Jigsaw Puzzle has 100 Pieces for Ages 3+. Kids love it!

Peanuts Charlie Brown Tree 300 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a Peanuts Charlie Brown tree 300 pieces jigsaw puzzle by buffalo games. One of the most beloved comic strips in the world. Classic scene from favorite comic moments. Fold-out poster makes a great guide for assembly. Features 67% larger pieces. 100% made in the United States.

This large format holiday puzzle features Charlie Brown, Linus, and the “Pathetic Tree” from the classic Peanuts “A Charlie Brown Christmas” animated special. The puzzle contains 300 pieces and measures 21.25 by 15 inches when assembled.

Large format puzzles feature over-sized pieces that are easier to handle than regular puzzles.

Highlight Features

• One of the most beloved comic strips in the world
• Classic scene from favorite comic moments
• Fold-out poster makes a great guide for assembly
• Features 67% larger pieces
• 100% made in the United States
Highly recommened!

Dowdle Folk Art Alpine Christmas 500pc 16×20 Puzzles

Alpine, Utah is a beautiful place throughout the year, but at Christmas it becomes even more magnificent. Since the 1950’s, City Hall and the surrounding grounds have been festively decorated for the Christmas season. Notice all the gingerbread men and snowmen. How many can you find?

Highlight features:

• Dowdle Folk Art Puzzles are one of the most popular ways to enjoy Eric’s artwork.
• Enjoy it over and over again or mount it and frame it for a fun decoration.
• Artist: Eric Dowdle
• 500 PCs
• Puzzle Dimensions: 16×20

Wooden Nativity Puzzle 24 Piece

BRAND NEW Wooden Nativity Puzzle Sealed Children love learning about the story of Jesus’ birth with this colorful nativity puzzle. A great activity for home, this wooden puzzle makes a faith-filled Christmas gift for any child.

Thomas & Friends: Thomas The Tank Engine – 24 Piece Shaped Floor Puzzle

This 24 pieces floor puzzle is a familiar character that kids will associate with and promotes cooperative as well as independent play. Ravensburger puzzles are made in Germany from the highest quality and thickest green Kappa cardboard available and pieces have a nice matted finish which makes them easy to see and handle.

All aboard for some puzzle-solving fun. Little Thomas fans can piece together their favorite friendly-faced engine with this 24-piece puzzle from Ravensburger, the exclusive licensee of Thomas puzzles. Featuring the quality you’ve come to expect from Ravensburger, this colorful floor puzzle is designed to delight young Thomas fans while teaching hand-eye coordination, planning and task completion. Includes 24 pieces. Measures approximately 24″ x 36″ when completed.

Highlight Features

• This 24 piece floor puzzle come in a special shaped box and is a familiar character that kids will associate with
• Promotes cooperative as well as independent play
• Ravensburger puzzles are made in Germany from the highest quality and thickest green Kappa cardboard available
• Pieces have a nice matted finish which makes them easy to see and handle
• Builds small motor skills, picture recognition, and task completion

Peanuts I Will Be Home For Xmas

Revel in your favorite Christmas memories as you celebrate the holidays with Snoopy and Woodstock. Piece together the I’ll Be Home For Christmas 550-piece collector’s puzzle. It’s a holiday treat that you can share with friends and family.

Highlight Features

• Puzzles, peanuts, i”ll be home for xmas
• Packaged in a keepsake holiday colelctors tin
• 550 piece puzzle
• Packaged in a collector’s tin

This is the season to be puzzled! Hope these wonderful Christmas Puzzles for Kids can keep your children and your family amused and entertained this holiday season. For more Christmas activities and fun, please visit Kids Christmas Activities, including Kids Christmas Movies, Kids Christmas Cards, Kids Christmas Carols, and Kids Christmas Stories for this holiday season.