Choosing Necklace Length By Height, Figure, and Face Shape

Do you know how to choose the right necklace length ? There are various style necklace with different length, very short, short, long, or very long. The key is to match the necklace with your figure or what kind of style you want to present. The following are very practical tips for you to choose your best necklace.

By Your Height

1. If you are below 5′4″ in height, collar or princess length necklaces look best. V-Shape styles or Matinee necklace length will make you look taller.
2. If you are from 5′4″ – 5′7″, necklaces with any length may suit for you.
3. If you are over 5′7″ in height, longer necklaces are recommended.

By Your Figure

4. If you have a large breast, you may choose necklaces that are more than 22″ in length.
5. If you are flat chested, long thin chains will look nice on you.
6. If you have full figured body, do not wear necklaces that lay on the breast line.

By Your Face

7. If you have an oval face, the ideal face shape, you gain flexibility in choosing a necklace because an oval face shape suits any necklace lengths.
8. If you have a round face, an Opera necklace length may suit you better.
9. Heart shaped face balances with choker necklaces because they soften and diminish the sharp angle of your chin.
10. Rectangular and oblong face shapes are great for choker necklaces with higher length because they reduce the length of the face.

Learn some basics on necklace before you choose the best necklace for you. Remember, these are just normal concepts, not rules. Each person has her own taste on beauty, you always can add some creativity as well when you choose style necklace to representing your charming personality. What do you think? Hope these tips help you have better buying experience of your favorite style necklace.

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