College Handbook:Guide College Applicants to Dream School

This book is a guide for college applicants with all the accredited colleges in the United States including more than 3,800 schools, four-year, two-year, and technical schools.

With its clearly laid-out entries and more than 40 indexes, the College Handbook is also the fastest and easiest way for students to narrow a college search and compare the schools that they are interested in.

In this book, there are tables of early-decision and wait-list outcomes. Comprehensive listings of student services, majors, athletics, on-campus activities, and campus computing are also included. Planning calendar and worksheets help students organize their college applications and stay on track. This book is updated annually by a team of editors who verify information with each college, which is making the College Handbook the best reference guide!

This handbook provides college applicants an easier way of comparing schools than navigating through a variety of inconsistent web sites. It is very helpful and recommended by a lot of college applicants!

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