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Christian Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Cream Facial Treatment Products

This is my favorite Dior Face Cream!

The First Dior skincare cream that corrects all visible signs of aging including wrinkles, loss of firmness, or spots. It’s exclusive alpha-longoza complex acts on 20 biological markers responsible for cutaneous aging. Targeted action that addresses each aspect of skin aging. Day after day, skin is intensely smooth, more supple, firmer and more luminous; it regains perfection in all dimensions.

Amazing Results

  • Corrects all visible signs of aging: wrinkles, loss of firmness, or spots
  • Targeted action that addresses each aspect of the sign of skin aging
  • Use day after day, skin is intensely smooth, more supple, firmer and more luminous
  • Fine, soft texture for comfort

How to Use it

Use morning and night after CAPTURE TOTALE face Serum for maximum effectiveness.

Incredible Product

Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfect Cream is a product I purchase again and again and use everyday. It softens and hydrates the skin using a very small amount of the cream, which makes it cost-effective at what seems a high price. The scent is soft and delightful. I love it since it helps my skin stay healthy and make me looking younger than I really am. Once you use this cream you will not go back to others of less value and effectiveness. I highly recommend Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfect Cream. Use it once and you will become a believer!

Affordable Price

Everyday, just use a very small amount of Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfect Cream, your face and throat will stay wrinkle free and become firm. Your skin will be intensely smooth, more supple, firmer and more luminous. One Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfect Cream offers me about a half year supply. If you break it down into monthly cost, it may look reasonable to you.

The Dior face cream, Capture Totale Multi-Perfect Cream addresses each aspect of the sign of skin aging, and really offers you real results. Why you buy some other face cream that looks a little cheaper, but without effectiveness?

The Best Skin Care Cream Ever! I am sure you will love it! Buy your favorite at Amazon.com, the most trusted online shopping website.

Dior Skincare is the brand for the highest quality skincare products providing excellence for woman with youthfulness and beauty. For 35 years, Dior Skincare has paired pioneering science with a unique formation, providing the highest quality skin care products, which help each woman to stay younger and prettier.

Dior skin care is the art of making time invisible and revealing radiant beauty. It makes youthfulness and vitality triumph with cutting-edge science that creates cellular life.

For 35 years, Dior skincare has kept Christian Dior’s spirit alive: Celebrating women and accompanying them in every moment of their femininity. Christian Dior’s passion for women and nature, his unceasing search of perfection and his incomparable gift to defy conventions have nurtured the conception of Dior skincare since its creation. Faithful to the care for excellence that has always guided Christian Dior, Dior skincare creates formulas raised to the level of art, without ever compromising effectiveness, pleasure or safety.

Dior Science

Creator of cellular Life

The mission of Dior science is to activate, control and extend all of the biological processes dedicated to the optimal functioning of skin cells.

Dior skincare’s history is filled with innovative technologies designed to exalt within the skin a cellular life which intensifies each day, enhancing the skin’s youthfulness and beauty:

  • Liposomes to improve the diffusion of active ingredients to the heart of the cells and maximize the performance of skincare (Capture, 1968)
  • Pure micro-proteins to revive the rejuvenating activity of the cells (Capture Essentiel, 1998)
  • Aquaporins to facilitate the circulation of water in all layers of the epidermis and fill the cells with a rich and active water (HydraMove, 2001)
  • The 20 youth markers, proteins responsible for the prevention the aging of skin, to restore the appearance of youthfulness (Capture Totale, 2006)
  • Sirtuins, longevity proteins, to increase the life expectancy of the cells (Capture Totale, 2007)
  • Stem cells, the most precious cells of the skin, which breed all the other cells, to reactivate the production of living substance beneath wrinkles (Capture R60/80TM XP, 2008)

Exceptional Ingredients for Maximum Youth Effectiveness

In line with its stringent standards of excellence, Dior skincare selects the most effective active ingredients and raw materials to stimulate cellular life.

Natural, molecular and always effective

Only the most effective ingredients are selected for the composition of Dior skincare products. The Dior Gardens are the first source of ingredients of natural origin. If biomolecular active ingredients prove more effective, then they are used instead.

Maximum concentration for increased effectiveness

Dior’s selected active ingredients are used at unparalleled concentrations: one Dior skincare product contains up to 20% active ingredients, 10 tines more concentrated than a classic skincare product.

Without compromising safety

100% of the ingredients used comply with all worldwide legislations.

Dior art of formation – a unique expertise

Dior skincare backs its profound approach to cellular life with a refined sensory experience.

Unique Creations

Dior formulators devote themselves to the creation of enchanting formulas, adapted to each skin type. Over 10000 formulas are developed each year, among which only the most exceptional are selected, offering the perfect balance between exquisite textures and effectiveness.

A secret within each formula

The unique achievement of Dior skincare products hinges on a single formulation secret : a patented vector-ingredient which allows for the subtle combination of immediately effective active ingredients for lasting beauty. It requires delicate handling and long development timelines : each new formula calls for 15 preliminary trials with different doses to determine the right concentration.

This is a slow and meticulous process, with both expertise and patience required to reach maximum effectiveness.

Dior Skincare offers the optimal solutions to meet the needs of each woman, according to her skin type, age, habits and the conditions of her environment. Dior skincare is organized in ultra-expert targeted ranges.

A personalized skincare program is defined by carefully analyzing the skin’s needs. There is a Dior skincare solution for everyone!

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