Educational Games for Preschoolers

In a preschool, in order to teach young children different skills, preschool teachers use many different teaching methods. Some of these skills include fine motor, gross motor, letter recognition, and shape recognition. In addition, sound or listening skills are one of the focuses.

For preschool children, one of the most common tools used to enhance their listening skills is music. Preschool children learn nursery rhymes, number and letter songs, and also other songs connecting certain sounds to objects.
Nowadays, many preschools and parents use software that taught preschoolers listening skills with interactive activities.

Today, the Internet has a lot of free resources for teaching preschoolers important skills. The following websites are six of the best places where we found wonderful activities that help preschoolers improve their listening skills. Hope they are helpful to your preschoolers as well.

BBC Theme Songs

The BBC is famous for News. In addition, there is an entire children’s section of the BBC site, and when it comes to music there are few resources quite as useful as the “Song Time” page. The BBC offers a whole list of popular songs by themes like Animals or seasonal tunes. One of the favorite sections is the popular theme songs for the shows that kids love the most, like Bob the Builder and Boogie Beebies. This is a website that will have your toddlers enjoying along in no time.

BBC Emotion Theatre

Many kids around the world love the show, called Tikkabilla. The BBC website also has a section that offers a whole variety of games and activities that toddlers love. One activity in particular that is especially useful is called “emotion theatre.” To express proper emotion is one of the most important skills for toddlers to learn. Kids will learn how to show being angry or sad and etc.. Some toddlers resort to biting or other inappropriate reactions to emotion before they learning these skills to express themselves in right ways. This program train kids by having the child listen to a story, and then when Tamba has an emotion, the child needs to select the correct face that expresses that emotion. Little toddlers love this game.

Utah Education Network

The Utah Educational Network consists of colleges, universities and the State Office of Education. It is a great consortium of organizations that strive to offer valuable and free educational content for all age groups. There is a page there for preschoolers aged K-2, to take part in interactive listening activities and learn online.

This page offers some of listening games from around the Internet. Some of the activities there include one game where kids need to connect letter sounds to the letter picture to learn letters, another game where kids listen to a “mixed-up” story and then need to fix it, and there’s also a game where kids listen to the narrator say a word, and they tell the tiger which is the correct word to “pounce” on.

If you really want to focus on providing your preschoolers with activities that are exclusively focused on sounds and listening. The three websites are great resources for your reference.

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