Fitness Bands

Fitness Bands are great tool for your exercises. Convenient, easy to use, great workout!

Love all the different resistance levels in one package as well, not only does it accommodate different body parts (like arms and legs) but I can upgrade as I get stronger. I was going to PT for hip/knee pain and used bands like this. It relieved so much of my hip and knee pain that I thought I should have some for myself. They are perfect for me to continue to strengthen my hips and knees. Awesome!

EverTrim Fitness Set of 5 Resistance Exercise Bands

  • FIVE TOP RATED PREMIUM 12″ LOOP BANDS FOR EXERCISE – Great for home workouts, portable workouts, stretching, and physical therapy. BONUS!! NOW
  • GREAT FOR ALL AGES – Workout out at your own pace – EverTrim strength bands set allows you to increase flexibility, recover from injury, and achieve your DESIRED results FAST.
  • RECOMMENDED BY TOP PERSONAL TRAINERS – Our Loop Bands for exercise are great for beginners and advanced users – Recommended by personal trainers, these bands are used in numerous workouts including: CrossFit, Insanity, Yoga, Pilates, and P90x
  • RECOMMENDED BY PHYSICAL THERAPISTS- physical therapy bands are great for increasing flexibly, preventing injuries, recovering from MCL and ACL injuries, and improving mobility at your own pace.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY LATEX – 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE – At EverTrim Fitness we use only the highest quality latex bands – we stand by our products 100% and offer a full lifetime money back guarantee.

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