Halloween Books For Kids

What is Halloween? Why do kids like Halloween? Halloween is the time kids can learn more about the holiday while enjoying it. Reading some Halloween books can be some great holiday activities for kids.

After we have done the research, we found out that “The Night Before Halloween” and “Scary, Scary Halloween” are two great choices for your kids. The two books received the most five star reviews on Amazon.

The Night Before Halloween

“‘Twas the night before Halloween, and all through the house,
All the creatures were stirring, except for the mouse.
The monsters had gathered to plan and prepare,
For the trick-or-treaters who soon would be there….”

Little monsters and goofy goblins take center stage in this silly, spooky spin on Clement C. Moore’s beloved poem. But what will happen on Halloween when the monsters come face to face with human trick-or-treaters in this fun-filled book by the author of The Night Before Easter?

* Ages 4-8

The Night Before Halloween is wonderful , colorful and cute.
“The Night Before Halloween”, is told in the same rhyming verse as “The Night Before Christmas” story; and follows the monsters as they prepare for Halloween. The verse is easy for kids to follow and the illustrations are colorful and detailed. This book has become a quick favorite for us to read at bedtime.

I would absolutely recommend adding this to your Halloween book list. Also check out “Room on the Broom” by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler – this is another of our favorites this year.

Excellent choice for pre-schoolers
It is fun to read and all of the children loved having their own copy.

Scary, Scary Halloween

Kindergarten-Grade 3 A Halloween offering that is sure to be snatched up year-round by children on the prowl for scary books. The rhymes are full of repetitions that give the text the quality of a chant. These marching rhythms advance a band of Halloween creatures along a winding country road. Bunting’s strong verbs and Brett’s clean, clear line drawings and vivid palette bring a devil, skeleton, ghost, etc., to life, and the effect is exciting but not in the least sinister or fear-inspiring. (Bunting’s language does become a bit turgid at points, however.) The creatures are a troupe of spirited trick-or-treaters, but this is not known by the mother cat who tells story. Nor are readers aware of the identity of the narrator at the beginning. But as the parade progresses, and three more little eyes appear in the dark, readers begin to get a sense of those eyes warily watching the spectacle from a safe distance. Brett creates skillful shifts in visual perspective and effectively interprets the book’s final turnabout: the tiny eyes, mere points of light, clustered under a house, are hidden so long as the trick-or-treaters are about. But when all is quiet, they suddenly blossom into cats that form their own parade and claim Halloween, just as the rising golden harvest moon at the book’s beginning blossoms into a milky moon above them. Carefully planned and executed, illustrations and text nicely unified, this is well designed for group use and a fine introduction to Halloween story programs. Susan Powers, Berkeley Carroll Street School, Brooklyn

Very memorable
My son was about 3 when we bought this book. Now he is 16 and we still quote from this book all the time! We are a Halloween loving family and this book always kept that feeling around for us! I just bought it for a dear friend who is having a baby!

Frightening Fun
This delightful little book has all the charm and spookiness of the holiday it represents. As a twenty-two year-old adult, I think this book has equal appeal for adults and children.

Jan Brett’s luscious, beautiful pictures perfectly depict the gorgeous darkness of Halloween night and the vibrant colors of different costumes (or are they really monsters?) Accompanied with these pictures are the rhymes of Eve Bunting’s wonderful poem, with words easy enough for kids to understand but spooky enough to give even adults a chill.

Both the poem and the pictures, like Halloween, are fittingly creepy and even haunting while still being fun. Together, they make this book the perfect package for anyone wanting to enjoy the true essence of all Hallow’s Eve. I earnestly invite you to enjoy this, my dears (polishes fang, retracts claws).

Great halloween books for kids! Your kids will love them too!

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