How to Choose a Necklace Length

Accessories can make or break our outfits. Necklace is one of the most frequently used woman’s accessory. An elegant necklace adds style and class to your personality. Necklace lengths impact our overall styles and can enhance our outfits. You can also use accessories to hide imperfections and accentuate the beautiful parts. So choose wisely! Different necklace lengths are appropriate for different occasions. If you pick the right necklace length, it will show off the neckline of your dress otherwise the necklace without a right length may make you look dumpy.

There are plenty of choices for every style and every neck shape. Here are some suggestions about necklace length.

  1. If you have a thin neck and a top or dress that you want to show it off, a collar style necklace with 12 to 13 inches in length is a good choice. A collar style necklace goes well with off-the-shoulder and V-neck tops. It is also works well with off-the-shoulder and sleeveless dress. Usually a collar necklace is for elegant occasions like parties and formal dinners. Be prepare that the collar necklaces, which are multi-stranded have a bulk of material around your neck.
  2. Wear a choker style necklace, if you do not like something as close to your neck as the collar style necklace. A choker style necklace runs 14 to 16 inches and can be single or multi-stranded. It hangs just below your neck. If you do not want to draw attention to that part of your body, a choker necklace might be a not good choice. Usually chokers style necklaces are better for informal wear than collar style necklaces but they can work well in elegant settings too depending on your overall looking. You can wear a choker necklace with fancy dresses as well as casuals. A choker style looks amazing with a cocktail dress, which has scooped neckline.
  3. When you found the perfect necklace for you but you do not have time to order a customized length right for you, a princess length is the best choice. Princess style necklace length is the most popular length, ranging between 17 to 19 inches. It is better to wear a princess style necklace with the collar of your top either higher than the necklace or lower. Thus it is good that you should wear it with close fitting round neck lines.
  4. A matinee style necklace runs 20 to 24 inches long. It adds elegance to work clothes or casual wear. Choose the matinee style for high or very low necklines. If you wear a matinee style necklace, you’d better to make sure there’s no decoration on your blouse to come into conflict with it. For your formal clothes or casual wear, you can go with this type of necklaces.
  5. A opera-length necklace with 28 to 34 inches can add elegance to your formal gown or blouse. It draws the attention down to your chest and away from your neck. A opera style necklace attracts the eyes to your bosom. You can also double it.
  6. A rope style necklace or called Lariat style necklace runs over 45 inches long. Wearing a rope necklace draw attention to your curves, causing the eye to sweep down your body. You can also double or triple strand them for shorter lengths.
  7. Beside of neckline it is also important that you should choose a length of a necklace according to your height and body shape.
  8. If you have a preferred necklace length, you can find a company that will let you order the necklace in any length you like. Usually a necklace with a custom length may suit you better.
  9. If your daughter is a teenager, consider to buy her a choker length, which will give her room to grow.
  10. If you are choosing a necklace for a gift and you are not sure about the necklace length, an adjustable necklace is a good choice.

You can find a women necklace in many different styles, sizes, shapes and materials. It is important that you should pick a necklace that compliments with your outfit, skin tone and type of occasion on which you would wear it. In addition, of these things the length of the necklace is also an important factor to be considered before buying it, as different lengths are appropriate for different necklines and necklace styles. Wearing the correct necklace length will add elegance to your appearance, so choose a necklace with the right length.

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