How to Choose the Right Necklace for You

In order to choose a right necklace for you, you need to consider several things including your occasion, neckline, necklace length and dress. Simple or elegant, bold or beautiful, if you choose the right necklace, it will flatter your neckline, make you more attractive and charming!


Consider what the occasion you are going to wear the necklace. Usually, a simple, understated piece of necklace suits for daytime and a more precious or extravagant piece for evening. A formal while attractive style necklace fits your professional meetings.


Different style necklaces suit different Necklines.

Wearing a strand of pearls or beads is the great way to accent a V-neck, scoop neck or boat necked dress, and to find pearls or beads in one or more colors that will match or blend with your dress is easy too. If you’re going to prom or another dressy event, look for something with a little sparkle to complete your glam look, check some of our amazing style necklace collection that will do the trick, and they won’t break your budget.

Accent a V-neck with a solitaire pendant is another excellent way. This same piece also complements boat-neck and crewneck tops. Match gemstone colors to those found in your outfit and earrings.

Wearing a necklace that remains close to the neck to fit accessorize strapless and off-the-shoulder necklines. Pairing a gem choker on an invisible string with a top made of satin or silk makes you even attractive. Adding elegant sophistication with a short strand of pearls to gain your charming looking.

If you wear a jewel-neck or turtleneck sweater, a long string of colorful beads is a wonderful choice for you. If you attend a formal party, precious stones work well with a thicker day look, while crystals bring a little glamour to an evening ensemble.


Wear a thicker, chunkier piece of costume jewelry with your open-collar blouse. For a dressy casual outfit or business suit, silver or gold interlock chains that lie flat on the collarbone make you looking elegant. Coordinating your earrings and belt with the tones in your necklace even look better.

Necklaces for strapless gowns

If you are wearing a dress with a straight, revealing neckline, it doesn’t take much jewelry to draw extra attention to your bosom. Try a choker with your strapless gown. A choker made from crystals and gems is a wonderful choice.

If you can not find a necklace you love, choose a pendant and pick a length of sterling silver or gold chain to match it. A heart or star-shaped pendant is always a classic, especially when it’s a locket. To be creative, you also can choose flower shaped or other pedants that make your charm necklace.

If your ensemble is delicate, keep your neckline in sync with the look by avoiding big, clunky necklaces. You can try stacking three more delicate necklaces of varying types and lengths, such as a simple chain, a chain with sporadically spaced small beads, and another with beads or adornments that are slightly larger.

Necklace length

In addition, you should choose a right necklace length as well. Pair a square-neck top with a pendant that dangles from a long chain. Consider lengths that fall between the collarbones.

Fashion Jewelry

Specialty jewelry stores stock fashion jewelry that are usually more expensive than it really is. Watch for sales and buy the basics to make your charm necklace collection. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to develop a collection of affordable jewelry including some of amazing style necklace to choose from for you next special occasion.


  • Since the oils from your skin and body lotion will build up on your necklaces over time, clean your necklace regularly to ensure brilliance.
  • Keep your necklace in a clean and dry place when you are not wearing it.

Choose a right necklace for your occasion, neckline, body style, dress and even your personality. Wearing a style necklace that will draw attention to your body part you wish to show your charm.

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