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For many families, sitting down together to watch a Christmas movie is as much a tradition as hanging stockings and trimming the tree. After we done the research, we list the following Top Three Kids Christmas Movies. Many wonderful family and kids’ movies have been made about the most wonderful time of the year, but here are three classics that capture the fun and magic of Christmas.

Disney Animation Collection 7: Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1993)

Celebrate the holidays with MICKEY’S CHRISTMAS CAROL, a beloved classic short film that is now part of the Disney Animation Collection! Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many more of your favorite characters join the cast in this delightfully charming adaptation of a classic holiday tale. Ebeneezer Scrooge Scrooge McDuck is far too greedy to understand that Christmas is the time for kindness and generosity. So, with the guidance of some wise ghosts with Goofy and Jiminy Cricket, and the examples set by his clerk Bob Cratchit Mickey and nephew Fred Donald, Scrooge learns how to embrace the true spirit of the season. Each volume in the Disney Animation Collection series is packed with classic Disney short films that will bring laughter and merriment into your family’s home. Add them all to your DVD library today!

Bonus Features Include the following shorts: Mickey’s Christmas Carol, Pluto’s Christmas Tree, The Small One, Santa’s Workshop.

The Ultimate Disney Christmas
A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Elf, A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Garfield Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Scrooge, Scrooge, Die Hard . . . the list is endless. There are dozens and dozens of films and TV specials that deal with the holidays. Some of good, others are just downright horrible. A few of them are considered some of the finest (Lampoon and Wonderful Life), while others are just mediocre (Jingle all the Way, The Santa Clause). But no matter what, most of these films and TV specials are always perfect for this time of year. And if you’re a Disney fan, then Mickey’s Christmas Carol would be the right one for you. This DVD features four films: Mickey’s Christmas Carol, The Small One, Santa’s Workshop, and Pluto’s Christmas Tree. Christmas Carol is a half-hour adaptation of Dickens’s classic story. The characters are played by Mickey, Scrooge McDuck, Pete, and more. It’s what you would expect from vintage Disney: great animation, sharp writing, and some dark moments that you would NEVER see in today’s Disney world. The Small One, also half-and-hour long, is by Don Bluth (of Land Before Time fame), and it tells the story of a young boy who must sell his aging donkey whom he adores very much. It’s a very religious story, and some people may want to keep a box of Kleenex handy. Santa’s Workshop and Pluto’s Christmas Tree are both classic Disney shorts that deserve recognition, but I wish they added Toy Tinkers (starring Chip, Dale, and Donald Duck) on this DVD.

Still, this is something that I can easily recommend to people of all ages. All four films (except maybe Santa’s Workshop which looks a bit outdated) are excellent for the holiday season. In fact, you can see all four of them along with the other Christmas classics. You know, there are so many Christmas films and specials that I think I would lose count if I named all of them at once. Overall, these are the ones that make us feel and revel in the spirit of the holidays. Whether it’s Mickey’s Christmas Carol or A Charlie Brown Christmas, whether it’s Miracle on 34th Street or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, or whether it’s Home Alone or A Christmas Story, you can never go wrong with “the most wonderful time of the year.”

The greatest dickens adaptation, and more Christmas fun!
After watching the disgustingly boring 2009 3D adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol I remembered how much I loved this Disney version and decided I had to watch it again. I’m so glad I did! 25 minutes is the perfect length for the story, and nothing could be more charming than having it star all of our favorite Disney characters! This is the only version you’ll ever need of the story.

Additionally I was excited about this DVD because I remembered loving “Pluto’s Christmas Tree” and “The Small One”. They were even better than I remembered! Pluto finds himself irked when Chip and Dale end up in the Christmas tree Mickey just cut down and The Small One is a very enchanting story about a boy who must sell his beloved donkey because he’s getting too old to do chores. I must admit I cried at the end!

“Santa’s Workshop” I didn’t remember, but it was a fun animated journey through Santa’s preparations for the big night.

Overall this is an AMAZING collection of short film. The only thing that bothered me was how cheap the main menu was. It had to have been put together on the Paint program, because it looks terrible. I’m sure this might have been done on purpose to give the deluxe edition they’ll release in 10 years a better look, but it was still sad. Nonetheless I’ll be watching these movies every Christmas, multiple times no doubt!

The Polar Express (Full Screen Edition) (2004)

Destined to become a holiday perennial, The Polar Express also heralded a brave new world of all-digital filmmaking. Critics and audiences were divided between those who hailed it as an instant classic that captures the visual splendor and evocative innocence of Chris Van Allsburg’s popular children’s book, and those who felt that the innovative use of “performance capture”–to accurately translate live performances into all-digital characters–was an eerie and not-quite-lifelike distraction from the story’s epic-scale North Pole adventure. In any case it’s a benign, kind-hearted celebration of the yuletide spirit, especially for kids who have almost grown out of their need to believe in Santa Claus. Tom Hanks is the nominal “star” who performs five different computer-generated characters, but it’s the visuals that steal this show, as director Robert Zemeckis indulges his tireless pursuit of technological innovation. No matter how you respond to the many wonders on display, it’s clear that The Polar Express represents a significant milestone in the digital revolution of cinema. If it also fills you with the joy of Christmas (in spite of its Nuremberg-like rally of frantic elves), so much the better. –Jeff Shannon

Polar Express 3D is Wonderful
I love the Polar Express movie, and seeing it in 3-D is triple the wonder! The third dimension just adds to the dream-like quality of this wonderful story. I watched it in August and even in the non-Christmas season enjoyed it thoroughly for the artistic scenes and delightful action that pops off the television screen. I highly recommend this 3-D experience for all ages! It is beautifully produced.

Charming Christmas Flick That Is Truly Magical
I enjoyed the book as a kid, and this movie was very well done. Great animation, wonderful wintery setting that makes it feel like Christmas even if you watch it in July, and it’s such a fun, exciting adventure to go on. It makes me, personally, feel like a little kid again while watching the children go on this train through a winter wonderland that apparently isn’t ‘real’ in the sense that only the children can ‘see’ the whole thing. Not that I ever went on a train on Christmas Eve before, but I think you get my drift. All in all, this is sure to be a classic film just like the Rankin Bass TV specials ‘Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer’ and ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’. The reason I gave it 4 stars, however, was due to the Santa Claus scenes in the movie. Now, I’m not against Santa, but in this film, he came across as this god-like figure. Examples: His beard was glowing like maybe an angel’s face would – a symbol of holiness?; He had an air of ‘all-knowing’ and ‘understanding’ about him that really reminded me of the person of God. Santa, in this movie, was portrayed as this deity being who was worshiped by his imp-sounding elves, who, upon the entry of the ‘Big’ Man’ into the town square, all sang a verse from ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’, which was pretty eerie; it reminded me of some hymnal chant? It was more disturbing than exciting I must say. But besides that, this film is full of cinema magic from the music to the animation to the story, it all makes it feel like Christmas every time you watch it.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)

This classic 1964 television special featuring Rudolph and his misfit buddies set the standard for stop-motion animation for an entire generation before Tim Burton darkly reinvented it in the early 1990s. Burl Ives narrates as Sam the Snowman, telling and singing the story of a rejected reindeer who overcomes prejudice and saves Christmas one particularly blustery year. Along the way, he meets an abundance of unforgettable characters: his dentally obsessed elf pal Hermey; the affable miner Yukon Cornelius and his motley crew of puppies; the scary/adorable Abominable Snow Monster; a legion of abandoned, but still chatty, toys; and a rather grouchy Santa. In addition to the title song that inspired it, this 53-minute tape is crammed with catchy tunes such as “Silver and Gold” and “Holly Jolly Christmas.” Those who grew up looking forward to watching Rudolph every Christmas season will undoubtedly be able to recite the quotable quotes (“I’m cuuuute. She said I’m cuuuute.” “Herbie doesn’t like to make toys.”) as well as any Casablanca cult audience. –Kimberly Heinrichs

Great Childhood Classic
I grew up with this! Wonderful! You can definitely see the detail for once and I saw some I never saw before which was great! It’s a great addition to your classic collection.

Loved this as a kid
I was very happy to see I could get this dvd movie. Loved it the first time I saw it. Dvd in great condition and vendor ships very quickly. Highly recommend both.

The Christmas holiday is an excellent time for children and families to gather together to watch Kids Christmas Movies. Enjoy!

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