Office Supply for College Students

A new school year is approaching, to prepare the school supplies will help set you up for success in the college. The basic school supplies that you will need in college are the same as those you purchased for use in high school. However, as a college student, you need to improve your time management skills to handle challenging course work, you need to be more organized. Get some items that make it much easier to keep up with assignments and prepare for exams such as your notes, handouts, and other class materials.

Here is a suggested list of school supplies.

1. A backpack to carry books and supplies
2. A binder for each class
3. Spiral notebooks for notes
4. A folder for handouts for each class
5. Planner/calendar for recording due dates, exam dates, etc.
6.Index cards for the use as flash cards to study for tests
7. Plain white printer paper
8. Pens
9. Pencils
10. Erasers
12. Pencil sharpener
13. Pencil case
14. Highlighters
15. Stapler
16. Three-hole punch
17. Paper clips
18. Sticky notes
19. Scissors

Be well prepared with these school supplies and you will enjoy your new college life much more better!

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