Potty Training Pants

Potty Training Tips

In order to help your toddlers to use the potty well, here are a few potty training tips for your reference. Please be aware that each child is different from the others and will not allow himself/herself trained in the same way as others.

There are potty training books and equipment that you can use to help your daughter’s potty training. You can read potty training books, and making the process more fun preparing your child for trying to go potty. Another of the useful potty training tips is to show your child how it is done, namely show her how to flush the toilet, how to wipe and how to wash up. Also, show your child his/her potty chair. Mothers and older siblings can be good models in potty training.

One more important potty training tip is that you will find refer to the practice itself. Make using the potty a habit in your child’s life. Take your child to visit the bathroom once or twice in the beginning and then increase the number of visits. Make sure you make the visits to the toilet at about the times your child is most likely to pee-pee or poo-poo.

Even if your child does not pee or poop every time he/she is taken to the toilet, the time is not wasted. On the contrary, your child will get accustomed to flushing, wiping and washing up.

Best Potty Training Pants: Gerber Training Pants

Potty training pants are necessary and great help in the process of potty training. We have done the research and found out that ” Gerber Three Pack Training Pants” have received the most 5-star reviews in Amazon. Actually, my daughter also used the same training pants as well. We highly recommend it!

The Gerber three pack training pants will make your toddler feel like a big kid while keeping baby’s clothes dry. The center and side panels are made of 100% combed cotton and the interlining is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester white batting. Expanded leg opens for ease of pulling up and down and has an elastic waistband for a perfect fit. Available in adorable prints and solids.

Perfect Training Pants!

These pants will be great for potty training and beyond, as they look just like little underpants. Very cute and functional.

They are super soft, sort of a boy-short cut, and have great, light padding at the crotch. Boy and girl styles are the same style, other than the fabric choices, so feel free to order any color/fabric. Padding area is the same for all.

Must have for a training Toddler!

When my daughter at the time potty training, I ordered 3 packages of these toddler training pants. They are simply the best there is for a toddler. They are so soft and come in super cute colors for my girl. The middle is padded a bit and are super comfy for her to wear. The nice part is if she has an accident, then the padding absorbs and lets her know, so she stops, tells me and then can finish on the toilet. The price is so great! I couldn’t find them in any local store, only on Amazon. Don’t waste your money on Regular underwear at the store for a 1st pair of panties, go with these, you’ll love them as much as your toddler does!

Buy it at the most trusted online shopping website, Amazon.com.

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