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Choose a High Quality Reading Software For Your Child

Starting from the mid 90′s to the present, a lot of reading software for kids to learn reading skills have been developing. The purpose of these educational software for kids is to provide a solid reading foundation along with being entertaining and fun for kids.

As computers and the internet have become mainstream in our life, we can see even toddlers are interested in computers. Because of the huge influence computer gaming has on kids, integrating education with video gaming concepts has proven to keep a child’s interest level high, therefore help the child absorbing the learning material more effectively with the added benefit of introducing toddler aged kids to computers.

Especially for young kids, they will benefit greatly by having adult supervision during the child’s interaction with the reading software. However, because most kids reading software are self grading and interactive, there will be less need to supervise. Please remember, at anytime a parent bonds with their children is of enormous benefit both for parents and kids.
Every child is different! However our formal education system, due to budget concerns and historical precedent, tends to take a one-size-fits-all approach. Classroom teaching may aim to accommodate individual differences, but its group-based instruction places this goal out of reach. The use of computers offers amazing new opportunities for customized teaching that is tailored to each child’s skills and needs.

We have done some research and found out that ” Reader Rabbit Reading Ages 4-6″ is one of the best reading software for kids. It received most of five star reviews on

Reader Rabbit Reading Ages 4-6

“Reader Rabbit Personalized Reading Ages 4-6” presents a fun and systematic approach to help kids learning to read. It uses record and playback technology and provides 40 interactive storybooks. In addition it has alliterative speech, colorful animations, and engaging sound effects that provide kids a delightful environment to explore as they begin to read.

Each child learns at a different pace and has a unique set of abilities. The Learning Technology constantly monitors your child’s abilities, develops skills, adjusts difficulty levels, provides help and tracks progress. Always challenging and rewarding, “Reader Rabbit Personalized Reading” is the most effective way to help you child build skills, confidence and a life-long love of learning!

It is a wonderful program helping kids to read!

It allows you to choose at which level you want to begin, or play. The characters are interesting and their speech is well enunciated. The content is entirely age appropriate and innocent.

A lot of kids and parents love Reader Rabbit. The animation and the music really holds kids’ attention. The repetition helps your child to remember. There are so many educational products out there but Reader Rabbit is one of the best.

We would strongly recommend these products for children ages three to six. It is a great gift to your child, your grandchild!

Help your kids build a strong reading foundation! Buy this great reading software at the most trusted online shopping website,

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