Rosary Style Necklace

Rosary Style Necklaces are many people’s favorite. A classic rosary style necklace is featuring countless linked faceted beads, a central heart charm, and a stone encrusted cross.

Rosary Beads

Actually, the Rosary is not a necklace. Rosary beads are a set of prayer beads and when blessed by a Catholic priest a powerful sacramental. Rosary beads should be treated with great devotion and respect. They represent the Mysteries of Jesus Christ’s life and they are a garland of roses, prayers offered to His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

A rosary bead style necklace or a rosary style necklace comes in all the styles including:

Gold and Silver Rosary Style Necklace
Crystal Rosary Style Necklace
Glass Rosary Style Necklace
Wood Rosary Style Necklace

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Sterling Silver Black Beaded Rosary Style Necklace with Black Cross

All Black Sterling Silver
Weight: 44.5 Grams

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